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Tiny detail and subtle textures, hammering metal into graceful shapes, forming clay into useful pieces, using the torch to melt and mold, painting on glaze that turns to molten glass 

I like that jewelry and ceramics both have purpose.

These objects make us feel good, they mark a special time or event, they evoke memories or are talismans. It's the handmade object that carries the soul. It makes a difference when something has been made with heart and concentration.

Most of all I love that when I make a piece it moves on for someone to enjoy. Thank you for your interest.

Love, Erin



The vintage "REY" rolling mill


Inspired by the shape of the materials or the botanical itself I will take the leaves or flowers I've collected and press them into metal leaving a perfect impression that is one of a kind.  

Using my old REY rolling mill I place the botanical directly onto the silver or gold turn the lever and like magic it embosses the most beautiful of textures.  Whether it is a tiny detail of a flower or a more abstract interpretation like inspiration from the texture of the craters of the moon, nature always seems to show itself in my jewelry and ceramic pieces.


Beautiful Marin


Growing up in California I've always appreciated exploring the outdoors. I feel very lucky being able to live in such a beautiful area here in Marin. While hiking I began collecting small flowers, leaves, moss, seed pods and started incorporating these botanicals into my pieces. 


I have a great appreciation of how special and fragile this place is so I'm very conscious when making my jewelry and ceramics to be eco responsible.   


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